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To be placed on the waiting list, or for questions, please email

What is SprocKidz?

SprocKidz is a Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers summer program that introduces mountain biking to kids ages 8-18. The program teaches fundamental bike handling skills and maintenance while promoting trail stewardship. It also promotes fitness through the pursuit of fun! 

The 2019 season

June 3-July 24 — Mondays and Wednesdays, 6-7:30 p.m.

Primary locations: Matanuska Lakes State Park, Mile 36.4 Glenn Highway, as well as the Government Peak Recreation Area.

Other “field trip” ride locations, dates for the end of season party and a trails maintenance day will be announced.

What is the cost?

For 2019: $100 for first child; $25 for each additional child

The cost of SprocKidz will always include the VMBaH membership fee. Registered kids must be a member of Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers. The registration fee also includes a SprocKidz t-shirt, as well as all the fun they’ll have this summer!

Rental Bikes:

SprocKidz offers a limited number of rental bikes, and are given on a first-come-first-served basis. Those interested in a rental bike will need to contact the SprocKidz Director at the start of sign up. At the end of the season you are responsible to get your rental bike tuned up and fix any broken parts. We require a receipt showing that the tune up and repairs were completed at the end of the season before you return the bike for a full refund on your deposit. 2019 Rates*: $100 Rental Fee; $100 Deposit Check (this check is not cashed and will be returned to you upon the return of the completely tuned-up bike at the end of the season)

2019 SEASON NOTE: As of April 22, our available inventory consists of one full-size 26-inch bike and two small-frame 26-inch models.

What Does My Kid Need
To Bring Each Day?

  • Safe & properly working bike
  • Properly fitted helmet
  • Water & a snack:
    • Either a water bottle or CamelBak style pack
    • At least 20 oz.
    • A high-energy snack/ protein bar is good
  • Bike Tube/Tire Repair
    • Hand pump, tube that fits the bike’s rim size, tire levers

What age group
is SprocKidz open to?

Ages 8-18; coaches are always needed too!

What Kind Of Bike
Does My Kid Need?

  • Properly fitted bike for your kid
  • Geared bike (at least 5 or 6 speeds)
  • Shifters & Brakes are in good working order and are SAFE!
  • Preferably a hardtail (no rear suspension) for younger kids.
  • Your kid’s bike should never weigh more than your kid!

Here’s some good brands that keep their value: Trek, Giant, Kona, Scott, Cannondale, Specialized, Felt. If you need to buy a bike check out this webpage for all the info you need, it’s fully comprehensive!

Also check on Craigslist or post something on the SprocKidz Facebook page if you’re in need of a bike for your kid. Network around the schools, too!

Getting Your Bike Tuned Up
and Taking Care of Repairs

We want your kids to have the most fun on the trails as possible, and this requires a tuned up bike with properly working parts. Throughout the summer the bike might need to be adjusted because they will be riding it, a lot! (Which is a good thing!) 

Happy Bike = Happy Kids!

Suggestions to Improve
Your Kid’s Experience

Pack your kid with the following to help him/her really get the most out of their mountain biking experience this summer!

  • Bug Dope!!
  • Sunscreen
  • Healthy snack or energy bar and plenty of water
  • Sunglasses or eye protection
  • Cycling Gloves
  • Comfortable clothes (always have the rain gear handy)
    • Try finding clothes that are a blend of poly or another moisture wicking fabric
    • * No jeans
  • Athletic Sneakers or skate shoes
    • * No Open Toe Shoes

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